About Mootsh

Mootsh co-founders Gratiane de Montebello and Noémie Alison

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever...It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything" - Aaron Siskind

Le Nom / The Name

We owe so much to the women who came before us.  

Mootsh comes from a nickname given to Noemie’s grandmother. Sweet and lovely, Mootsh was in charge of the family’s photo albums, carrying on generational stories that would otherwise be forgotten. Over time, the family albums only grew in value as keepsakes. Mootsh is our way of continuing the legacy of stories long-lived.


Les Femmes / The Women

Both French natives, we now call Venice, California home. 

After first coming together in friendship, our shared sentiments of early motherhood brought us together in business. 

We recognized the value in the way we both learned our history, flipping through photo album pages of photographic and written story.  

Drawing from our days in photojournalism and experiential design, we felt compelled to recreate a space for our newborns where our family narratives could be held and revisited often, something beautiful to come back to that would evolve with meaning over the years.  

Although our children will grow up redefining literacy with technology, we wanted to give them the same tangible, generational experience that we cherished so much when we were kids. 

La Philosophie / The Philosophy

We believe that holding printed moments in your hands feels different. 

With the attention of old and the ubiquity of new, Mootsh is where archival photographic practices meet the innovation and ease of digital technology. 

We offer our monthly practice of selecting moments that matter most to create and continue the narrative, for our loved ones and yours. 

Contact: info@mootsh.com